**It should be noted, that at this time, the majority of Damage Incorporated Raiding occurs through our Alliance Guild Damage Incorporated of Feathermoon**


We have always maintained a casual, fun and relatively progressive raid environment at Damage Incorporated. Our raids will be filled based on group composition and raid requirements.  Simply being a member of DI does not guarantee you a spot on a raid roster, however we will always look within the guild to fill a spot since we do not use pugs in our raids. With that in mind, please feel free to post in the appropriate forum thread for whichever raid fits your schedule and we will try to accommodate you.  Once primary rosters are set there are substitute lists, if the raid you want to join is full, sign up on the sub list. If you wish to start a new raid, please contact the officer group to avoid conflicting schedules with other guild events.


Raiding Policies

 We run raids that strive to have fun, kill bosses, get loot, earn achievements and make new friends. Please keep this in mind when you are with us!

Leadership - The raid leaders require your undivided attention during the encounters and adherence to the raid policies, this is vital to our success as a raid. Leadership will try to make the best choices under sometimes trying circumstances, do not make their job any harder than it already is.  If you have any comments, save them for after the boss fight or after raid if that is possible.  Drama will not be tolerated, period.

Roster - The roster is maintained by the raid leaders and is subject to change.  Everyone is encouraged to sign the sub list on the guild calendar. If you are not selected for the raid one week you are still encouraged to sign up the following raid week.

Attendance -  Raid time is posted on the calendar - be online at least 15 minutes prior to raid time. If you can't make it, let your raid leader know ahead of time. The guild website MIA forum or Shoutbox are great for this. Once you are in raid please refrain from constant afk's. The raid takes a break in the middle of the scheduled raid times, please try to make use of that time as necessary. We understand that there are times when it is unavoidable.

Loot - Damage Incorporated uses a simple loot system with a master looter distributing gear from rolls. Tier pieces will be dealt with seperatley using KSK Suicide Kings addon. Non-Tier gear will be rolled for with Main spec rolls from 1-100, off spec rolls from 1-1000, and transmog only rolls are 1-1.  This system allows the loot master to see who is rolling main and who is rolling offset or transmog at a glance and determine loot distribution faster.  Everyone is expected to use their best judgement and pass on loot that is a minor upgrade for you and a major upgrade for someone else. Unclaimed bop gear will be disenchanted and the materials placed in the guild vault. Loot drama will not be tolerated, period. 

Voice Communication - You do not need to have a mic, just speakers or headphones so you can listen to instructions.  We have a casual atmosphere in our raid however it is important to stick to business during boss encounters by keeping chatter to a minimum. The raid leader needs to have everyone's full attention to announce critical information during encounters.

Performance - This is a team effort and the team relies on each individual doing their job and not worrying about others. It is your responsibility to read up on, and watch the videos for the boss fights that the raid is working on currently. This will help your performance and that of the entire raid by having prior knowledge of the fight mechanics. Use websites such as www.icy-viens.com or others to help you with your class/spec. Ask others in guild  for help, we have a lot of good players here that are willing to give advice. We do not have a set ilevel, dps or hps minimum however please do not expect a carry. Unfortunately we will have to ask people to leave if they are a hindrance to the raid.

Addons - Even if you are a mod-free type of person there are just a few addons that you should have.

  • Boss Encounters - Required -This is required for our raids. DBM, BigWigs or some other boss mod that does the same job will do.
  • Exorsus - Required for Mythic HFC - This addon is very helpful on certain boss fights.  
  • Damage Meters - Optional - The most common are Recount and Skada.  Do not ask for or post damage meters in raid or guild chat.
  • Other Addons - Optional - There are many addons that can help players, some are class or spec specific, do some research and find out if the addon works for you. Do not use any addons that announce annoying messages in raid.

Consumables - Buffs from consumables are required when you raid.

  • Flasks - Required - Flasks will give a 1 hour boost to a main stat that will persist through death. 
  • Food - Required - Food will give you boost to a main stat that will not persist through death.
  • PotionsRequired - Potions will give a 25 second boost to a main stat or can give an instant boost to health or mana.
  • Runes (WoD) -Required - Runes will give a boost to a main stat that will not persist through death.

Gear -  You should be aware of the appropriate gear item level for any current content the raid is working on. Also make sure your gear is repaired.

  • Enchants - Required - Enchants give your gear a great boost to a stat. Slots that can be enchanted are Neck, Back, Rings and Weapon.
  • Gems - Required - Gems slots are not as common in WoD, if you have a gem slot make sure you put in the right gem.


 Please keep in mind that our policies are meant to be comprehensive enough to answer any questions you may have however, in the event of any omissions or conflicts the raid leadership reserves the right to change or add policies at their discretion.