Squire (Probation Rank)

A Squire is a new member to Damage Incorporated.
You are welcome to attend any general guild meetings or events.
You should register at the guild website.
You will be on a one month probationary period and may be removed if you do not adhere to the guild policies.

Knight (Member Rank)

A Knight is a member of the guild that has passed the probationary period.
You should participate in guild activities, guild forums, and help fellow members whenever possible.

Crusader (Raider Rank) 

This rank is for guild raid members (must be in the guild at least 3 months)

Defender (Veteran Rank)

A Defender is a veteran who has shown loyalty to the guild and helps with guild activities.

Field Marshal (Officer Alts)

Field Marshals are alts of current guild officers

Praetor (Officer Rank)

A Praetor is a veteran with proven long term loyalty and commitment to members of the guild; helps with guild events, and helps with all guild operations.

Emperor (Guild Leader)

The Emperor of Damage Incorporated is the Guild Leader